Willie Nelson busted again


Look, I love Willie Nelson’s music.  I’ve listen to him all my life but at some point you really have to grow up.  This time Willie may face jail time.  I mean it’s not his first offense and Texas isn’t California. 

Now if Willie was in Colorado where for roughly $160 dollars you can get a prescription and go down to the local “green medical” shop and buy all you need.  Hell they sell it just blocks from great consumer places like schools, kids gymnastics centers, or blocks from the Sheriffs Office. 

Actually yeah Willie you come on up here and I’ll move….

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2 thoughts on “Willie Nelson busted again

  1. Willie has weed on his bus? What cop in what state does not know that already? This is a guaranteed bust even for the newest cop on the beat. As a former cop I think we try to change peoples behavior with enforcement, but I am thinking this is not going to change Willie…

  2. So long as Willie isn’t driving, I could really care less about what a 75 year old guy does. We are wasting way too much time and effort and tax dollars on the likes of Willie Nelson. Love his music and leave it at that. I doubt that he’s a threat to society or a dealer. Does he contribute to the drug trade in this country? Yeah, but since the whole medical marijuana sham, the amount of pot the likes of Willie use, doesn’t contribute to much of anything.

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