North Korea attacks South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea bombarded a South Korean island near their disputed western border Tuesday, setting buildings ablaze and killing at least two marines and injuring 16 others after warning the South to halt military drills in the area, South Korean officials said.

South Korean president says South will unleash ‘enormous retaliation’ should North Korea attack again.

South Korea said it returned fire and scrambled fighter jets in response, and said the "inhumane" attack on civilian areas violated the 1953 armistice halting the Korean War. The two sides technically remain at war because a peace treaty was never negotiated.

AP Video report.

One has to wonder what N. Korea thinks they will gain from this action.  The aggression the N. Korean government has shown in the last year is a bit bewildering.  But then they’ve gotten away with it thus far. 

Korea isn’t my area of expertise, if any area is, so I’m going to do a bit of reading and see if anyone has a glue what’s up with N. Korea.  Although I would suggest our apparent weakness in dealing with N. Korea doesn’t help much. 


3 thoughts on “North Korea attacks South Korea

  1. For the first time since the 1980s there is a wave of anger in South Korea and Japan against North Korea and China.

    South Korea and Japan tried to rope Obama into their subtle containment light policy on China. Obama reluctantly seems to be following their lead.

    I would argue that South Korea has arguable done more than any other country to bring down communism. South Korea was poorer than Bangladesh and Pakistan in 1953. By 1988 South Korea was a rich country that stunned the developing world and communist world during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. This example contributed mightily to the collapse of communist in the former Eastern Block, and to the collapse of socialism in India, Africa, Philippines, Mongolia, and South America. South Korea also inspired China to complete their transition to free markets.

    Today South Korea has the world’s 11th largest economy with $1 trillion GDP, much smaller government than America, and one of the world’s best quality and largest militaries.

    South Korea’s trade with China is $200 billion per year versus North Korea’s $2 billion in annual trade with China.

    China’s failure to clearly side with South Korea is outrageous.

    Fareed Zakaria recently returned from South Korea and mentioned how for the first time ever, he couldn’t find South Korean leftists willing to publicly criticize America . . . they were too focused on bashing China.

    In return for American help to South Korea on North Korea and China, we should demand one or two thousand officers and NCOs for NTM-A. [South Korea’s contribution to NTM-A is much smaller than that now as the Koreans focus on safe Parwan.] Most of the 49 countries helping with ANSF training do not themselves have quality security forces which reduces their ability to train ANSF. ANSF need quality trainers.

  2. Bottom line: A bully will only continue to bully until slapped down. The time for diplomacy and financial aid has run it’s course. A true projection of power is called for, and not just a symbolic one.

  3. Oh and by the way, the only thing I remember about Korea’s contribution to our building of the ANA was when they shut down the internet because they were downloading so much porn….Of course a person would only know of such contributions if you were there.

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