Al Gore did what?

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore reportedly has had a change of heart on ethanol, telling a conference on green energy in Europe that he only supported tax breaks for the alternative fuel to pander to farmers in his home state of Tennessee and the first-in-the-nation caucuses state of Iowa.


Say it aint so Al.  You supported a green technology just to pander?  Just to make money perhaps?  But your our savior on all that is eco-friendly.  How could you say such a thing.  I mean you’re  like a green god.  Ok, so you don’t really practice your green philosophy at your multi-million dollar home and you fly around in a carbon emitting jet all over the world.  But your exempt because of all the great work you do.

It’s ok though I’m sure all the rest of the things you’ve promoted were good. 

And to all those that tried to debunk you wonderful movie with facts.  Well they just hate you and me, and everyone else.  Yeah that’s it.  it’s the right wing haters fault. 

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