A rebellious insurgency

I think it’s time to stand up for our government. I mean on the security front. Folks first off you aren’t smart enough to know what’s good for you. That’s why you elected President Obama. You needed a really smart guy to appoint really smart people to think for you. I know it hurts but it’s true.

On the TSA issue for example, let’s face it. They know more about security than anyone. Just ask them. So you get groped a little bit, so you can’t take you personal care products with you. Come on it’s about safety. Do you want to die? We are in a crisis folks. Take note of the word (crises) you see it often from government spokespeople.

Just think of how many tiny scissor carrying terrorist they’ve thwarted. Yes she may have looked like Granny but she was most likely involved in a huge plot to take over the plane. It’s a known fact in the Anti-terrorist realm that tiny scissors are tools of Al-Qaida.

Its imperative we give up a little liberty for the safety of our children. 

Given enough time our elite homeland security officials will have rounded up the obvious home grown terrorist. You know those wacky tea partiers, carrying those riot producing American flags, saying God in public.  They are insane.  It doesn’t take a genius to see they want to overthrow our thoughtful government and install a Hitler like dictator.  Of course we all know who that dictator is don’t’ we?  See below.  101013_teaparty_rally_ap_605

Then those nutjob gun owners, Talking about freedom and a great country.  What the hell are they saying?  


Finally the rebellious constitutionalist. This is of course where the real threat is. I can’t believe you all don’t see that.  Everyone knows the Constitution is a living document.  Why I’m pretty sure I saw it talking to Nancy Pelosi the other day.  Who could believe something written so many years ago could even be relevant today. 


Oh and Sarah Palin? Why, I can’t believe she hasn’t been locked up for treason. Look at all the harm she’s done.  Just look at that family.  If that doesn’t say threat I don’t know what does. 


No folks, you must face facts. We need this government. We need these leaders.  We are too stupid, too weak and too set in the idea of liberty to think for ourselves. With a large enough social net our government will protect us. We just need to stop resisting. 


6 thoughts on “A rebellious insurgency

  1. Why do you think President Obama Messiah isn’t doing a good job?

    Sarah Palin’s family is a good thing. I would hope that most people would see her as a generally good and well intentioned person.

    The issue many had with Sarah Palin in 2008 is that she ran for VP without doing her homework on foreign affairs, the financial crisis, energy policy, many other policies. Also concerning was her apparent lack of curiosity in many important issues.

    For example, Russia is now trying to help out in significant ways in Afghanistan. Would Sarah have had the subtly and understanding to pull that off?


    Notice this suggestive quote:
    ““The Russians have supported us in Afghanistan — allowed us to transport some of our most significant equipment [through their territory],” he continued. “They’ve also helped in other ways that wouldn’t be widely known. The relationship is maturing very specifically”

    Maybe Sarah Palin would have shown judgment, foresight and knowledge while in office. But it is fair to criticize her for not proving she would beyond a reasonable doubt.

  2. Well let’s start with 9.6% unemployment, shovel ready jobs that weren’t. Government spending that is out of control. Higher prices especially utilities which hurt the least advantaged the most (not the poor who we all pay for now but the working class), A nanny state mentality that believes bureaucrats know better than the people.

    He and the Democrats rammed through a Government Healthcare plan that will most likely be a disaster and cost us all a fortune.

    Nearly all cabinet post are political operatives who’s goals seems more akin to socialist reform and government control. Not something I like or believe in. Government is growing at an alarming rate and run by unqualified people. This is happening while corruption is at an all time high. Vote buying, election tampering, and much more as the Department of Justice picks political opponents to chase and not criminals. All this under Obama’s watch and appointees.

    An EPA out of control and going further than their positions should allow. Usurping the rights of congress and more importantly the general population.

    Then of course there is Homeland security and the TSA. I know a few who work in this area and are frustrated daily by what they see. Insiders that find the leadership horrible and political and again not competent

    Foreign policy? There are now not merely countries that don’t like our policies but they don’t respect us. The continual apologies don’t help us. I don’t’ care if the world likes us.

    My biggest complaint is simply fiscal responsibility and government intrusion. This is not his fault alone however and that is why there is a Tea Party movement.

    Sarah Palin actually has a pretty good record in Alaska and on energy and corruption. It’s very hard to articulate a policy when you’re constantly defending yourself. Which she now understands and is more aggressive in her positions and doesn’t give the media the chance to run the narrative. I don’t’ think she was prepared for the viciousness of the left and the media nor the elitist Republicans. Once again we find those the yell the most for tolerance have very little of their own and our more hate filled then those they criticize.

    That doesn’t mean she was or is the best Presidential Candidate. But frankly I don’t see many great R candidates. Not yet anyway. A few are making some points in my book but don’t have the national recognition yet.

    It is completely fair to criticize Sarah Palin. Not only is it fair it’s necessary. But to attack her and her family personally is childish and is done by those that wish to demonize here and reduce her as a political threat.

    We must and will work with Russia. There are many common goals we share. However I would recommend extreme caution as Russia works for Russian interest for Russia’s sake and not ours. If we approach all foreign policy that way all things will work out. If we look at Russia though eyes that see what we wish to see instead of what is we will not do well.

  3. Attacking Sarah Palin’s family is immoral and wrong.

    Many of the attacks on Palin are coming from other republicans.

    “higher prices especially utilities which hurt the least advantaged the most (not the poor who we all pay for now but the working class),” Could you elaborate? Inflation is generally low.

    “Foreign policy? There are now not merely countries that don’t like our policies but they don’t respect us. The continual apologies don’t help us. I don’t’ care if the world likes us.”

    Don’t think you can blame this on Obama. There has been a growing sense for sometime around the world that America is less influential and relevant in the world. The real critique of America is not that we are bad but that we are gradually becoming irrelevant.

    Sure Obama should have reached out more strongly to America’s friends [Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, NATO] when he first came into office. He realizes his mistake now, and is starting to catch up to his credit.

    Obama has had success in improving US relations with Indonesia, China and Russia. Obama has built upon Bush’s success with Brazil and Africa.

    I would argue that the biggest concern the world has with Obama is his failure to clearly support free trade, free investment and free markets. Unfortunately the same could be said for both parties in Congress.

    Sarah Palin:

    She wasn’t ready in 2008. Her answers on many subjects lacked depth and that was her fault. Her answers on energy policy that I saw in 2008 lacked a clear indication that she understood what she was talking about. Either that or she was incredibly inarticulate in Q&A. Which is unacceptable in a President or VP.

    On Russia:

    Our interests are very similar to Russian interests. Osama Bin Laden was and remains a major threat to Russia. Zawahiri travelled to Chechnya and directly fought the Russians there. Osama Bin Laden has been complicit in horrendous terrorist attacks against Moscow and Russia in the 1990s and 2000s. The Taliban have no worse enemy than Russia. Russia publicly threatened to invade Afghanistan and take out the Taliban in 1999 and August, 2001.

    I think defeating the global Takfiri extremists is the greatest global security threat all 7 billion of us confront. In this long struggle, Russia is on the right side.

    Russia has also applied heavy pressure on Iran and is helpful on Palestine/Israel.

  4. Sure I’ll elaborate. Utility prices in most cities have risen enormously. In my city for example the electric rate had increased over 500% since I’ve lived here. Gas, up similar, sewage is going through reset where a study will be done to adjust the rate based on water usage. This is in a very dry area where water and sewage are not the same.

    Groceries are up, I buy them.

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Food prices are rising faster than overall inflation and more increases are expected in coming months, according to government reports and expert analysts.

    The consumer price index for all items except food and energy rose just 0.8 percent from September 2009 to September 2010 – the lowest annual increase since 1961, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But food prices went up 1.4 percent during the period.

    As to the rest I’ll just respectfully disagree. 😉

  5. One more note: I don’t blame Obama for all of our ills, I blame a government that is too large to work efficiently. I don’t believe our government can or should run everything or even most things. I’m a limited government guy. Neither of the two big political parties have done very good in my book.

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