Raiders, I’m getting some hope back


I saw parts of this game while dinning at Texas Roadhouse but left before the 4th quarter began.  It was a nice surprise when I checked online. 


7 thoughts on “Raiders, I’m getting some hope back

  1. I watched the Game and thought the Raiders were just going to give KC the Game Until the second half and winning was just another Quarter away. Hope they go to the Play Offs…Of Course I hope my Pack Make it too.


  2. Denver had another great week…we didn’t lose either! Course we had a bye week, but I bet they tried to lose….

    4 wins this year is what I guess.

  3. Well your Packers seem to be doing pretty well. The win over Dallas was a A**kicker in it’s own right. They are on top in their division aren’t they? But hey anyone can root for a winning

    Brad on the other hand appears screwed this year. 😉

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