Battle over Sharia / international law not over?

Just days after Oklahoma passes a law banning the use of International and Sharia law in their courts the folks at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) have filed a lawsuit. Is this a surprise?

Oklahoma residents approved the measure with 70 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

But Muneer Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma who filed the lawsuit, said that the measure is unnecessary because there is no threat of an Islamic takeover of state courts. Muslims make up only 30,000 of the state’s nearly 4 million residents – less than 1 percent.

Awad said the measure violates his First Amendment right to freedom of religion because it singles out Islam. He said the measure is just another way to politically savage Muslims.

So if its unnecessary why sue? Is this a first amendment violation? How would that be? Should judges be allowed to use international or Sharia to determine American law?

If you think Sharia and international law hasn’t been an issue or isn’t likely to be than you haven’t been paying attention the last few years. But hey let’s ask England how it’s working for them.

My issue with this is that weather it’s Sharia or international law it has no business in US courts.  Do we have special laws for special groups? No, not here. 

It is amazing how much international and Islamic influence has grown since 9/11.  In our desire to show how tolerant we are the United States is slowly losing the war on terror by simply turning the good nature sense of right and wrong against us.  We have become weak in principles and deeds.  Hell, at least forty percent of this nation doesn’t seem to see the world as it really is anyway.  I guess it’s not a surprise.


5 thoughts on “Battle over Sharia / international law not over?

  1. Don’t get why this issue is even discussed. Who cares? Sharia law is not coming to America. The US constitution governs the US.

  2. The reason is that international law has been referred to in a a couple of cases in the last few years. As to Sharia we only need look to England and how in the name of tolerance we can subvert our own laws. Should it be necessary? No it shouldn’t.

    But more importantly it makes a statement to our officials that US law is the only law we should look upon in our legal system. What other countries or peoples do may be interesting but until it’s legally adopted here Judges need to be aware that the citizens are watching.

  3. It is discussed because there is a very small minorty of people in this country that follow a lifestyle that is abusive and accepted within that minority. Our country does not govern via the bible nor should it. The Koran shoiuld not be a basis for any laws or tolerance of abusive behavior in this country. Polictical correctness via organizations like the ACLU set the country up for a legislative system that is fearful to follow the Constitution and the laws that have sprung from it. We don’t want to live in a police state that so represses free speech that we can’t have discussions on things like Sharia law, but the some tenents of Sharia law are so counter to our legal system that a broad brush statement of THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE would not be a bad thing. The last two years have been a perfect example of what occurs when our politician do not listen to the will of the people.

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