Giants win the World Series


My first baseball game was a Giants game. . I was an A’s fan but mainly because I lived in Oakland, well initially. I never lived in San Francisco. But my uncle Frank like the Giants and took my cousin and I to a number of games as a kid. 

The first game I remember and I think it was my first game went 13 innings. Chris Speier hit a home run to our section. This was Bat day and I just happen to have one sign by Chris.

My first baseball book, hell it might be the only book on baseball I read was a bio of Willie Mays. A great book BTW.

So it’s nice to see the Giants win even if I don’t really follow them these days. At least it’s not NY again….

I do wish it was still Candlestick Park though.  I hate the corporate names now. 


3 thoughts on “Giants win the World Series

  1. It is nice to see the Giants Win the Big One. I was a Big Giants Fan because of my Dad. During the season he listened to every game on the radio. I like the Oakland A’s but I am Really a Giant’s Fan. I am with you on the Corporate Names but Candlestick was Named after the Basin in which it was Built. If they stayed with that theme it would now be called China , since it is now in the China Basin near the Bay. So ATT doesn’t sound that bad.


  2. My Grandma used to say The Fox always smells his own hole first…..
    Course she was the one that gave us some of her homemade Apricot Brandy…


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