Giants win the World Series



My first baseball game was a Giants game. . I was an A’s fan but mainly because I lived in Oakland, well initially. I never lived in San Francisco. But my uncle Frank like the Giants and took my cousin and I to a number of games as a kid. 

The first game I remember and I think it was my first game went 13 innings. Chris Speier hit a home run to our section. This was Bat day and I just happen to have one sign by Chris.

My first baseball book, hell it might be the only book on baseball I read was a bio of Willie Mays. A great book BTW.

So it’s nice to see the Giants win even if I don’t really follow them these days. At least it’s not NY again….

I do wish it was still Candlestick Park though.  I hate the corporate names now. 


3 Responses to “Giants win the World Series”

  1. 11thacr Says:

    It is nice to see the Giants Win the Big One. I was a Big Giants Fan because of my Dad. During the season he listened to every game on the radio. I like the Oakland A’s but I am Really a Giant’s Fan. I am with you on the Corporate Names but Candlestick was Named after the Basin in which it was Built. If they stayed with that theme it would now be called China , since it is now in the China Basin near the Bay. So ATT doesn’t sound that bad.


  2. Chuck Says:

    It’s funny how two Oakland boys all of a sudden are “Giants” fan. I smell a rat.

  3. 11thacr Says:

    My Grandma used to say The Fox always smells his own hole first…..
    Course she was the one that gave us some of her homemade Apricot Brandy…


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