Karzai admits taking bags of money from Iran.



Afghan President Hamid Karzai admits that he has taken bags of money from Iran.  He claims there is nothing wrong with this, it’s just aid from a friendly country.  This as Wekileaks released documents confirm that Iran has been working directly in Afghanistan and Iraq to de-stabilize both countries and in resulted in US Deaths.  (yes this has been known for a long time)

Karzai’s comments came the same day the Iranian embassy in Kabul slammed the Times report as "ridiculous and insulting," according to the AFP.

"Such baseless speculations are being spread by some Western media outlets in order to confuse public opinion and damage the strong ties between the governments and nations of the Islamic republics of Afghanistan and Iran," the embassy said in a statement.

So I say lets invite Iran to the talks with the Taliban (SARC).  Oh wait that’s been done already.

I really don’t know how this whole Afghanistan affair has gotten so far out of our control but I truly believe it has.  But then if your only looking to get out, I guess it’s going wonderfully. 

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3 thoughts on “Karzai admits taking bags of money from Iran.

  1. Don’t understand what you mean.

    Iran and the Taliban/Al Qaeda have been mortal enemies for decades. As a result Iran backed the Afghan resistance against the Taliban occupation 1996-2001.

    Iranian special forces, logistics and transportation aircraft worked shoulder to shoulder with the US, UK, France, Turkey, Russia, India and the Northern Alliance in 2001.

    Often US and Iranian aircraft were landing supplies on the same airstrips to support the Northern Alliance.

    Iran is the country that during the Bonn Summit of 2001 initially pushed for Karzai, a choice that America and the rest of the international community supported.

    Karzai lived in Iran before 9/11, from which he ran part of the Afghan resistance. Iran has been and remains a supporter of Karzai. Everyone has known this since the 1990s. You too, JB, have known this since 2001. You JB, also knew that American special forces worked with Karzai and Iran against the Taliban in October, 2001. Why make a big deal out of this now, more than 9 years later?

    This whole controversy is much ado about nothing.

    Perhaps what we should be discussing is how to negotiate a partnership with Iran that formally brings Iran into ISAF, NTM-A and UNAMA; as well as opens an Iranian supply line into Afghanistan.

    Is Iran really as big a threat to the entire international system as the extremists in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia?

  2. Anan. Never. Iran has been and continues to target American forces, they support terrorist groups in various countries. To work with this theocracy would be idiotic. They need to be done away with not worked with. Iran has continually played the US leadership. They are not to be trusted.

    That does not negate the threat of elements of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan but it also doesn’t mean we work with them. I know you’ve been advocating this for a while now but I will personally never support that route until the Ayatollahs are gone.

  3. “To work with this theocracy would be idiotic.” Sometimes being idiotic has fringe benefits. 🙂

    Our special forces did work with Iranian special forces and Iranian embedded combat advisors to support the “United Front/Northern Alliance” in 2001. This is our history.

    The only reason I see for not trying to work with Iran is if it hurts the green movement.

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