File under “we are Fu&*%d”

…Two weeks ago Afghan officials intercepted a shipment of Iranian weapons en route to the Taliban in the Afghan province of Nimroz…

…But on Monday Iranian diplomats were seated at a NATO conference in Rome at the invitation of the Obama administration to discuss the way forward in Afghanistan. It was the ninth meeting of the NATO contact group which included foreign ministers and high level dignitaries, including U.S. Special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke

…“We recognize that Iran….has a role to play in the peaceful settlement of the situation in Afghanistan,” Holbrooke said…

…"That’s not admitting defeat,” Holbrooke said. “That’s, as we’ve all said, we are not going to win this war by purely military means. General Petraeus said it again this morning in our briefings. The war will not end on a battleship in Tokyo Bay or at Dayton, Ohio. It will end through a different kind of process.”…

What can you even say to this?  Our leadership is selling us out brothers.  We are truly F*&*%d. 


How’s that for a start Chuck?


4 thoughts on “File under “we are Fu&*%d”

  1. OK , Maybe a Bit Edgy ……Now how about a New PIC for this Great Blog….Did anyone throw you a Retirement Party? Was I invited?


  2. I’m working on a new pic. No retirement party. I did get a nice shadowbox at our BN Dinning out. I’ll try and get a pic of that up also. Now 11th your invited anytime and you don’t need an excuse. Just bring your brother with ya. OH and lots of booze.

  3. Thanks for the invite…I will get there some day. Now I will give you plenty of advance Notice so you can Make Sure your Dad is There and Chuck is Awake. No problem with the Booze…


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