Counterinsurgency too slow?

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A New Plan for Afghanistan

Less counterinsurgency, more killing and capturing.

By Fred Kaplan

Officials say a shift in U.S. war strategy has begun to take place in Afghanistan, away from classic counterinsurgency (protecting the population, providing basic services, promoting good government) and toward the traditional business of killing and capturing bad guys.

…U.S. and NATO officers, intelligence analysts, and other officials and advisers now believe that our objectives in the Afghanistan war can no longer be accomplished in sufficiently short time through COIN alone or even through a COIN-dominant strategy.

This is rather interesting.  Is counterinsurgency out because of the drawdown date?  Hummmm…


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5 thoughts on “Counterinsurgency too slow?

  1. LOL well Friday was MY drawdown date. In fact I have in my possesion a final DD 214.

    As usual though not all has gone well. My medical records are being held hostage by an idiot at are state medical command and I can’t file a VA claim withouth the VA having them. That’s the fight this week.

    As to an edgier blog, yes I can see that in the future.

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