I’m seriously considering dropping my VFW membership.  The reason?  VFW PAC a separate yet not quite separate entity of the VFW has listed is endorsements for political candidates.

The VFW cannot endorse candidates and frankly shouldn’t.  So as is stated on the VFW PAC web site is has formed a go around.  The forming of the VFW Political Action Committee.  Here is what they say.

According to Federal Law, the Veterans of Foreign Wars cannot legally endorse candidates. To overcome the legal challenges of influencing on Capitol Hill, the organization established a Political Action Committee— a separate, nonpartisan organization charged with the single task of working in Congress to support candidates who share our views about key veterans’ military and defense issues.

The VFW-PAC is established to promote and facilitate the accumulation and distribution of voluntary contributions from employees and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its subordinate units, (Posts, Districts, County Councils, Departments, Ladies Auxiliary and Military Order of the Cooties) for the support of various candidates for election to federal office in the United States. The established endorsement criteria not withstanding, no Presidential candidate will be endorsed by the VFW-PAC Board of Directors. The VFW-PAC is dedicated to the support of candidates who have taken responsibile positions on issues involving national defense and legislation pertaining to our nation’s veterans.

There list 

Just a few of the names:

Barbara Boxer
Barbara Lee
Nancy Pelosi
Linda Sanchez
Maxine Waters
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Barney Frank
John Conyers Jr.
Carolyn C. Kilpatrick
Harry Reid


The VFW should probably ask the VFW PAC to remove the VFW title if they plan on keeping their members.

More over at Blackfive.

As I stated on Blackfive I don’t want veterans to become a “Victims” group to be used by politicians period.  When you support a candidate on how they supported just your issues you do a dis-service to the nation as a whole.  It’s about a better country for all. 



5 thoughts on “VFW PAC WTF

  1. A new surprise everyday….Really? These are the folks who have deep love for the veterans and active duty people? Could have fooled me.

  2. You realize that this is a front, right? It would be like me starting an ACLU for Bush PAC. As long as VFW is in the name these liberals think that people are so shallow as to influence us. I guarentee the VFW doesn’t in the least endorse this PAC. I say go for it. The longer the liberals think we’re dumb, the better chance conservatives have of throwing them out.

  3. Check out their board. If it’s not endorsed by the VFW then the VFW needs to raise one hell of a stink. I don’t think they could use the VFW name without permission.

  4. Besides Chuck we’ve been to the local VFW here and the money sure as hell isn’t going to the building. Plus the beers aren’t as cheap as they should be. Now I’m not against reform from the inside also.

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