Taliban talks with Afghan Government

Secret Taliban-Afghan govt talks to end war underway

It would seem that the Karzai government has entered into talks with elements of the Taliban.  Is this a good thing or not?

I’m not personally against talks.  But I will say that it’s not just about peace.  Peace at any price isn’t a very good deal.  There can be peace in oppression, in slavery, in death.  I would hope we don’t take this as an easy way out.

President Obama has been reportedly looking for a way out.  Is this the way?  Will we and the Karzai government (US) declare victory as the Taliban takes over?  If so exactly why were we there all these years?  Hummmmm…



7 thoughts on “Taliban talks with Afghan Government

  1. First of all….Karzai or Taliban is the Same thing , so Secret Negotiations are not News to me. Obama looking for a way out. I don’t think so , but he is looking for some sort of closure and I’m sure he knows more than I do and with that said he probably knows Karzai is a Snake. Unfortunately if we pull out , Victory or not , once we are gone then Terrorism will rise because they will say that they Defeated the U.S. and recruit more Jihadist to the Country and it will start all over again. WE need to focus on Pakistan because of their Nuclear Threat and they are definitely an Unstable Country.
    Just for Starters…..


  2. Peace talks with the Taliban will be perceived internationally and especially across the Muslim world as a “victory” for Al Qaeda and as a humiliation for America from which it would be difficult for the U.S. to rebound.

  3. JB, Obama would like to leave at any cost. He even intimated that we could handle another strike in the USA. Of course we could, but why if we don’t have to? So much for caring about the ppl of any sort. This better not happen, cuz then I will be more sad and angry than I am right now (if possible). Have a blessed day.

  4. 11th and American Delight, agree with you both however AD I believe we have been fighting like this since Korea. We get into messes without any idea what we are there for so we can’t formulate a strategy to win.

    Chuck, I should have some more Arturo Fuentes coming soon.

    Rosemary, thanks for commenting. Don’t let them get you down.

  5. 11th rest assured the AT I’m burying aren’t top of the line… I am a cheap bastard. But they are pretty good. You have to buy online to get the deals. If I bought them locally I’d pay at least 20 -30 dollars more per box.

    As to swisher sweets… well I’m not above those either… Now if I hit the lottery I’m buying some Macanudo’s. Unfortunatley that’s about the only way I’ll get those.

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