Key NATO supply route hit again in Pakistan

Key NATO supply route hit again in Pakistan – Yahoo! News

You know it would be easy to just say lets teach Pakistan a lesson, since I seriously doubt these attacks could have taken place without the Pakistan government knowing about them.  Like most things these days nothing seems very simple or straight forward.  It’s probably why we can’t make much progress in foreign affairs.  We can’t define or point to the problem and when it’s right in front of us we can’t acknowledge it for fear of insulting someone. 

If Pakistan truly can’t control the roads into Afghanistan then we really should rethink our relationship with them.

I understand the Pakistanis are miffed at the cross border operations that killed more terrorist however to shut down a supply route and then allow the fuel trucks to be destroyed certainly should show us what kind of allies we have there.  Not that this is news…….


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3 thoughts on “Key NATO supply route hit again in Pakistan

  1. Typo:
    “To oversimplify things, facilitating the transformation of Pakistan into a successful free democracy probably means victory in the global war on extremist Takfiris. That is the key to the war on terror.

    But how to achieve this? Not easy.

    An insurance policy to contain part of the damage from the Pakistani civil war is the international effort in Afghanistan.

    However, no matter how capable the ANSF and GIRoA become, it doesn’t solve the Taliban/AQ problem. Because the solution to that problem does not depend primarily on what happens inside Afghanistan.”

  2. Pakistan has never been our ally.The New York Car Bomber is Pakistani and says there will be more. He wants all Muslims to join the Jihad. I say it is time to close the New York Harbor and stop being sissies and Take Charge of OUR Problem.


  3. Free Baluchistan!
    The Baluchis hold the south of Pakistan that borders on the Indian Ocean. They were the traditional gunmen of the Sultanate of Oman.
    Like we should have done with the Turks. Hey, if we can’t come in to Iraq from the north we might not be able to keep the Kurds from declaring independence.

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