One less skill for soldiers to master

United States Army Pvt. Jose Hernandez rams a ...

Should we end Bayonet training? 

Recently bayonet training has been dropped from basic training.  Now there are two ways to look at this.  One is that we don’t really do bayonet charges anymore and there are many other skills that are needed on today’s battlefield.  I generally agree with this.  I personally have not done any bayonet training since basic in 1984.

The other train of thought is that bayonet training instills the mindset to close and kill the enemy.  Well heck I have to agree with that also. 

But in the end those skills, to close and kill the enemy, can still be taught without the bayonet and the time developing more current skills will pay off more in the end.  Plus bayonet training can always be institute at the company level if a commander feels it’s necessary.

What do you think?

One less skill for soldiers to master at boot camp: bayonet training –


6 thoughts on “One less skill for soldiers to master

  1. The only time I saw a Bayonet was in Basic. Never saw one in Nam…..I think it was just some left over training from WW2.


  2. Well I think combatives is more useful than bayonet training. Poncho enjoyed teaching that. I wasnt as fond of the training tips he tried to show took me back to the old a days of your practicing…lol wished i had paid more attention..

  3. 11th didn’t you do bayonet charges after you ran out of bullets in Korea? I could of sworn that was you at pork chop hill and the Yalu river.

  4. That’s what I like about you Chuck…You always have you’re Facts together…It was Nam and you probably saw me on Todo Street in Saigon…


  5. I would Fly to Saigon about once a week with Oil Samples to take to the Lab , and while I was there I took in some Local Sites and maybe a lunch..It was a tough job but what is a Draftee going to do????


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