7 Responses to “Dramatic news…..”

  1. 11thacr Says:

    JB Stand 4 === JUMBO BORING ===?????


  2. Chuck Says:

    “Change”, where’s the “HOPE”?

  3. JB Says:

    I’m looking for it Chuck…
    11th you mean it’s not as exciting and the new DNC logo?

  4. 11thacr Says:

    I’d say it is =as= Exciting as the DNC Logo…..Which is like watching Paint Dry…..Maybe put JB in some kind of SQUARE instead of a Circle….That may Liven it up a Bit…If nothing else will give Chuck some Fodder….


  5. JB Says:

    you know I would use something as ugly as that.

  6. 11thacr Says:

    Sorry JB , but you Root for the Raiders….


  7. JB Says:

    Thats loyalty not judgement…..

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