Run on Kabul Bank

KABUL, Afghanistan In a bid to fend off the threat of a nationwide financial crisis, the Afghan government scrambled to come up with the funds to bail out Afghanistan’s largest bank on Saturday after lines of frantic depositors mobbed the bank for a third day…

…The panic began last week when the Central Bank ousted the chairman and the chief executive officer of Kabul Bank, after discovering that the bank had acted recklessly, lending tens of millions of dollars to allies of President Hamid Karzai and pouring money into risky real estate investments in Dubai…

Kabul, Afghanistan

Here is what I want to know.   How is it we set up the government, the financial system and yet there seems to be absolutely no oversight?  The problems in our two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been not from military failures but rather civilian incompetence.  This ineptitude is from the current administration and the previous. Civilian incompetence in US foreign affairs goes much further back however. It is as if the government appointee’s and civil servants have no idea how the real world operates.  We can’t define victory, our enemies or what the end state should be. 

We are in such a hurry to turn these places back over that we don’t institute sound infrastructures. We’ve known for example how corrupt the Karzai government is yet we stand by and watch it fail.  Our leaders refuse to take ownership of what we have created.  While military men and women continue to give their lives to better a place that barely understands our ideas of democracy our leaders look the other way.

I don’t get it.  But then I don’t jet around the world attending cocktail parties at embassies either.

“If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna”.

I guess it is to be expected considering our own problems here in the states……



5 thoughts on “Run on Kabul Bank

  1. The State Dept is typically staffed by left wing idealogues, ie Colin Powell (couldn’t help myself) To think that they would institute something other than coffee shop discussion theory is not realistic. These people have never run anything and don’t have the skills or the guidance to institute any meaninful, productive foreign policy. The last breath of fresh air our foreign policy had was Connie Rice and John Bolton (both hated by their “peers”)

  2. Honeslty Brad I haven’t paid much attention to the Paster. I’m not really a book burning guy. I do think that it’s being used by others to incite however. But if he bought the books he can burn them.

  3. That Pastor has every right to burn those books. Just like the Pakistani’s and others that burn the American Flag. So what’s the big Deal???
    I thought Religion was a Free and Friendly place to go when I was a Kid but apparently it is a Place of Hatred and Killing….Holy War just sounds like an Organization of Hatred. God , or Mohamed , or what ever you want to believe in should not give you the right to take ones life because he or she does not think as you do. If that is true and I hope it is not then all Religious Books should be Burned….


  4. My thought is, they hate us already and are actively trying to kill us. Does this stunt really make it more so? Can one be a little bit pregnant?

    I kind of hope it brings the dirtbags out to confront our boys over it. It reminds me of a great youtube video of a Marine checkpoint in Iraq where the Marine is telling a guy in a car that the checkpoint is only going to be around for another hour or so and if he could ask his insurgent buddies to come on by and play before they have to pack it in. Of course the guy in the car had no idea what he was saying…it was pretty funny.

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