The President is “hopeful” for mid-east peace

Obama Condemns ‘Senseless Slaughter’ of Israelis, Vows to Sustain Peace Talks

But Obama told Israeli and Palestinian leaders they faced a fleeting chance to settle deep differences after decades of hostility.

“I am hopeful, cautiously hopeful, but hopeful,” Obama said with the leaders of Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinians beside him in the crowded East Room of the White House. Earlier Obama had met with each individually, and they gathered afterward for dinner.

Would anyone like to bet on this?  Here is what will happen.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  They will all sit down and talk a bit.  When the camera’s role they’ll state that the talks were useful, productive and then they all go home and nothing changes.  More Israelis will be killed, Israel will retaliate and the situation will continue. 

This is emblematic of the world today and the problem with diplomacy.  American leaders for nearly one hundred years don’t believe victory is a substitute for diplomacy so we never win anything we never take a side, we never force a victory and the world lingers in continual warfare


Update:  What did I say?  

Nearly two years after direct negotiations broke off, Israeli and Palestinian leaders returned to the U.S.-hosted bargaining table Thursday for a productive first round of peace talks beset by a backdrop of terrorist violence in the Mideast.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ended their peace negotiations by agreeing to meet every two weeks in the Middle East starting Sept. 14, said former Sen. George Mitchell, President Obama’s special envoy for Mideast peace


4 thoughts on “The President is “hopeful” for mid-east peace

  1. This is a great case of not facing the realities of the world. We have too many that believe the world thinks as they do and with just a little nice talk and money all problems will be solved. Yet for nearly a century this hasn’t worked.

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