Satellite, Cable and nothing to watch

There was a time a few years ago I ditched Cable TV.  Money was tight and frankly I didn’t watch that much.  I went for about six years with just local channels and blockbuster to keep me going.  It wasn’t bad.  While there wasn’t much on, especially on the weekends I could still catch a football game and the nightly news.  There aren’t that many weekly TV shows I liked so no big deal.  But after a while I wondered about Satellite and after checking the bank account I figured I could afford it and who can turn down 200 channels. 

Now after a few years of Satellite TV I’m ready to quit it all.  It’s too damned expensive for the five channels I actually watch.  Lets face it most of what’s on is pure garbage.  Then to top it off you buy the next package up for what?  Usually one or maybe two more channels you want to see. 

The only reason I have held on the my Dish is the kids programs.  Sometimes I think these are the only people creating interesting shows.  Not all of them of course but more than regular TV.

So my question to anyone willing to answer is, how many channels do you really watch? 

The answer to TV either Cable or Satellite is a la Carte channel selection.  So if I do give up my 200 channels you can bet I won’t be coming back until A la Carte is possible.  Then I choose what I want and no more infomercials, no more TV shopping and no more preaching. 

This might already be here in another medium and that is online.  If I can find the shows I want online I may be gone even sooner.  I’m actually looking at some DVD/internet players and if they work…well… by Satellite.


2 thoughts on “Satellite, Cable and nothing to watch

  1. I agree with ya JB….You pay for all their Garbage Channels and they make the Consumer buy packages so they can control the Money. There are a lot of TV Shows on the internet and nowadays you can stream them to your TV. Put that with a 10 dollar a month Subscription of Movies and you save a ton.
    I hate Cable and Sat. I use Directv but I am also thinking about dropping all payable TV Crap.


  2. Don’t get me started, I really have a bad attitude about that I believe yall have a good plan with that movie thing been thinking the same thing myself.

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