Why is congress involved in Baseball

Yesterday my buddy Chuck brought up a good question.  Why is Congress involved in Baseball?  With all the economic issues, the war issues, the corruption in government itself, why has congress felt some great need to pursue baseball?  Perhaps that is precisely why we see such things?

Now we see Rodger Clemens indicted.  Indicted for perjury to congress?  How is that even possible?  Can we indict Congress for perjury?

We see Bonds and Maguire forced to testify, not in court or before the NBL, but congress.  Not that they haven’t gone before those institutions also. 

I suppose it’s no wonder we are in the employment mess we are in. Congress has a strange set of priorities.  Hell they don’t even hide the fact they aren’t interested in this country anymore.

I really don’t care who does what in professional sports.  At today’s prices I don’t see me going to any professional sports in the near future (ok unless someone sends me a free Raider V Bronco game ticket in Denver).


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