The expendables

Sylvester Stallone has been relatively busy the last few years.  With Rambo, Rocky Balboa and the expendables he’s made a bit of a comeback.  When you go to a movie like this it’s not really about a great story, we really don’t expect that, or great acting, we are not watching hamlet but we do expect action.  In this department the expendables delivers.  In fact that’s just about all this film is.  With the added feature of having so many named stars albeit older stars, it adds up to fun.  Who doesn’t want to see for example Micky Rourke.  I mean he’s that loser to cheer for and Dolf Lungren.  Come on Dolf has paid his dues and he can act at least as good and Chuck Norris.  Yes I’m smiling as I write that since I like Chuck a lot.  Fact is we often like these guys because they aren’t great but great to watch.  They also give us hope, if the old guys can stay in that good of shape maybe we can to.  Ok I know we don’t have the personal trainers or the time to spend in the gym all day but still….

There was a down side of the film for me though.  The fights had too much gore.  I mean really, do I need to see a guys gut blown in half?  Nah,  I’ve seen the real thing and don’t need it on film.  The explosions were huge but didn’t make sense.  That’s pretty normal these days in films though so don’t let it stop you from watching. Besides it’s pale compared to the latest in horror movie gore. 



6 thoughts on “The expendables

  1. Well not sure if I will see that one, but last night I went to see eat pray love. I was one of 6 people there! three women and an old couple so that tells you what kind of movie that was. But I liked it anyway.

  2. the 11th ACR was commissioned in 1901. I’m sure you remember the Phillipine resurecttion in the 30’s. If the hat fits…..

  3. Jodi, Seriously Eat Pray and love? WTH. When you could have seen Sly, Dolf and Jet beating the hell out of each other?

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