DOD can’t find 8.7 Billion? Great!

The Defense Department is unable to account for $8.7 billion of the $9.1 billion in Development Fund for Iraq monies in received for reconstruction in Iraq. This according to a study published today by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

“This situation occurred because most DoD organizations receiving DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) funds did not establish the required Department of the Treasury accounts and no DoD organization was designated as the executive agent for managing the use of DFI funds,” the report states.

I wonder, if DOD organizations didn’t establish the required DOT accounts why were they giving money?


3 thoughts on “DOD can’t find 8.7 Billion? Great!

  1. This is because reconstruction was rushed with Iraqi contractors without creating paper trails.

    It took Iraqi business, contractors and government organizations some time to start accounting for their expenses and revenues.

  2. ANON, while what you say is absolutely true that in the rush good bookkeeping wasn’t established. That said there are provisions in place to document spending. This wasn’t necessarily what the Iraqi contractors did but what the US agencies gave them and what it was for. It would seem that some agencies simply didn’t feel the need to document these transactions. If however this report is just the Iraqi side and we can’t verify where they spent the monies I could understand it some. But then we didn’t do our jobs in oversight.

    I worked with both paying ANA in Afghanistan and the CA unit attached to our team in Iraq and I know all transactions were documented pretty well. Granted we didn’t work with millions but we did work with many thousands of dollars.

    I believe in some areas of the government the fiscal control has been way too sloppy. There are too many people who believe it’s all “off the books”.

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