Silent Raids are they good?

I will start by saying I’m mixed a little on the new “silent raid” policy that ICE is now using. The idea seems to be to target employers, which I like, but then we don’t deport the illegal’s the company just fires them.

So as I’ve said I like targeting employers since they are the source of employment for illegal’s and the reason many illegal’s come here. But what happens to the illegal’s once they are fired? Do they return to their country of origin or stay here unemployed and needing money badly to support their families? Could this policy actually increase the crime rate?

In a town for example where a warehouse hires a large number of illegal’s and then in one day or a short period do we now have a small town with a huge unemployed illegal population fearing how they will pay their rent or feed their families.

Are we doing them a favor by not deporting? Just some questions I have.

Either way it seems the Arizona situation has created some federal movement in the enforcement of the law.

How hard would it be to create a better worker program?  Could we not have a program with offices at all major entry points and a simplified system to quickly issue documentation? Of course to do this would still require closing the border. 

I don’t believe a single approach to this problem will work but many implemented in conjunction are needed.


3 thoughts on “Silent Raids are they good?

  1. How hard would it be to create a better worker program? I guess you’d have to start by acknowledging that we have one to begin with, which our leaders never do. They say we “need a guest workder program” as if we don’t already have one. If they said what you did I would have more faith…maybe.

    I also hate the notion that we can’t “send them back home”. That’s a nice bit of the Overton Window at work. So your options dad are whether I stay out till 1am or be home by 11…well little Susie how about you come home at 10. And good try on controlling the debate.

    Of course we can send them home. Maybe not quite as fast as they are coming in…but we can very much send them home. A better statement is “we lack the political will” to send them home.

    Unfortunately until truth and the facts enter the argument I don’t see much head way on this issue. And even “silently” raiding seems moot.


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