Al Gore what’s up?

It looks like the sexual assault case against Al Gore is being re-opened.  I’ll start by saying in just about all sexual assault cases I don’t make a determination without a whole lot of evidence.  Too many of these are just angry bitter people.  So other than to say it’s interesting to see the decline of Al I’ll hold my judgment on this case till further evidence comes to light.

With that said I do wonder of a couple of things that this article sparked.  Like, does anyone really request a massage in their room only expecting a massage?  I don’t ask this to be witty.  I really don’t know.  I’ve never had anyone come to my room to give me a massage but it would be nice.  I have gone to spa with my wife for one.  It was pretty damn nice too.  I wish I could afford that treatment all the time. 

If you’re a high profile person would you take the chance someone might misinterpret the women entering your room? 

I just don’t know but I am beginning to believe just a little bit more in Karma…..

Well I do believe for Al Gore there does appear to be a climate change….


3 thoughts on “Al Gore what’s up?

  1. Let’s see…..The Brandy Sniffer Looks like it may have some expensive Cognac in it , The Cigar Looks like an Expensive Cuban , But the Suit looks like a Sear Sucker…
    Just my Opinion…


  2. Thats ok it’s not me.. I haven’t been able to get a good pic yet. Otherwise it would have a decent suite, Woodford reserve whisky in a dixie cup. 😉 and a Arturo Fuente maduro.

  3. I’ll have to try the Woodford Reserve………
    I Love a Good Whiskey once in a while. When I was in Kentucky I tried a Few of their Reserve Whiskey’s. Mucho Goodo…


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