Gen. McChrystal what’s that interview all about?

Rolling stone will be publishing an article / interview with General McChrystal the top US General in Afghanistan.  In this article the General seems to let out a bit of frustrations while his aids do even more.  In the article the General feels betrayed by Ambassador Eikenberry and the administration.  This would be a very public way to address these issues and not the way a General who wants to continue in his position should act. 

I have met Ambassador Eikenberry as a Special Forces Operations SGT in Afghanistan way back in 2002-2003.  I can understand fully General McChrystals feeling toward this Ambassador.  He did not leave a very good impression on any of our teams leadership.  In fact then General Eikenberry became very upset that any of us would question his decisions at all.  SF teams tend to be very upfront when you ask them questions. 

Now General McChrystal is being recalled back to Washington for a little sit down.  I wonder if the General is simply ready to come home.  Will he be fired?  Will he resign?  I guess we’ll know in a few more days.

My opinion of General McChrystal is still up in the air.  I believe in unconventional warfare, that’s my field, but I am not sure about the rules of engagement (ROE) we have put ourselves under in Afghanistan.  The various reports coming from soldiers seem to indicate the rules are affecting tactics that require action. 

Whatever the outcome of this mess it’s clear this administration’s war front is in chaos.  That isn’t a good thing.

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One thought on “Gen. McChrystal what’s that interview all about?

  1. I stand by the belief that McChrystal simply commited career suicide on purpose. Nobody at his level allows comments to go to a reporter without knowing the consequences. These were not all off the cuff comments. I believe he was not allowed to prosecute the war on his terms. He was being set up for failure trying to follow a policy that was bound to fail if followed. Up to and including the ROE. The ROE, which should be dictated by the Ground Forces Commander, if I was guessing, was dictated from on High.

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