Afghanistan’s past

A friend of mine sent me these links that show a different Afghanistan than we know now.  The two articles are very interesting.



A pic of a time long gone.


2 thoughts on “Afghanistan’s past

  1. Aren’t there large pockets in Mazar e Sharif, Kabul, and the North that are comparable to how Afghanistan use to be?

    Afghanistan now has some 30 K freshman in college versus 1 K freshman in college in 2001. Imagine the societal change that causes.

  2. Anan you may be correct and the increase in freshmen is encouraging. It’s been a few years since I was there but Kabul had a few very small pockets that were like they used to be.

    My point was that there is hope there. The Afghani’s I worked with I got along well with. But it’s a shame the decline from the 60’s to the present. This of course isn’t the only place in the region this has happened.

    I would personally love to see Afghanistan succeed in joining the modern world again. There are many very good people there.

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