Have we abandoned Israel completely

You’ve probably seen over the weekend the attempt by a Turkish NGO organization to break through the Israel blockade of Gaza.  Even though Israel offered to take any humanitarian aid to Gaza this wasn’t enough.   The Israeli’s stopped the ships.  Israeli commandos using a lot more restraint than I would we attacked as they boarded one of the ships and finally defended themselves with force.  At least 10 people were killed. 

The UN has already condemned the Israeli action of course.  No word yet on North Korea though. 

President Obama has said little. 

Where do I stand?  Well I do not support anyone funded or populated by terrorist so yeah I stand with Israel.  One of the very few countries willing to stand up for itself. 


2 thoughts on “Have we abandoned Israel completely

  1. I stand with Israel. The attempt of the world has always been to have Israel fall, and this is just another tactic. Israel needs to stand strong against any attempt to break their blockade of Gaza. If they do allow ships, they first need to be searched for any arms, and absent that, they should not be able to enter.

    The world media be damned.

  2. As I watched the “aid givers” beat Israeli soldiers with metal pipes and throw another overboard, I couldn’t help but wonder about true motives of these “aid” ships. Especially since both the Israelis and the Egyptions offered to transport the aid into Gaza. Now it’s been cited that some of these Aid givers have terror ties. Surprise, surprise!

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