Acronyms,’s all so confusing..

As I begin my new career search one the most infuriating aspects of this is the use of acronyms.  The conventional wisdom is that you don’t use acronyms if you can avoid it in your resumes, cover letters and even interviews.  This is especially true outside of the military industry.  This is an industry where acronyms are created and discarded on what seems a daily basis. 

What I’ve been seeing is the extensive use of acronyms in job postings.  Now my degree is in Business Information Systems and I’ve seen a serious expansion of acronyms.  It’s insane.  At times I wonder if employers realize that if they created the acronym others outside their company may not know what it means.  It doesn’t mean they don’t know the subject. 

Some might say that if your keeping up with your industry you should knows the current acronyms.  But I would suggest that if you have time to research acronyms that your company doesn’t use you might not be spending your time efficiently doing your actual job. 

Another note is that as acronyms continue to expand we find many that mean different things to different people.  It certainly makes things interesting.

Now this doesn’t just apply to acronyms but terminology in general can be very confusing.  For example my overall career field to date is Special Forces or Unconventional Warfare.  Now try finding the definitive definition for that.  The special warfare center has one.  But then what is Irregular warfare, asymmetrical warfare, 4th generational warfare or COIN (Counter Insurgency)? All are very similar and overlap yet most definitions and discussions for the matter don’t actually help you do the job.  So, if someone is very experienced in one of the above would they not be very experienced in all?  

Anyway just some thoughts today as I fill out a particular companies questionnaire with information already in my resume..  Yes I know it’s everywhere. 


10 thoughts on “Acronyms,’s all so confusing..

  1. You left the Door Wide Open for Criticism Ole Boy…….Course you know that….Good Luck Anyway…


  2. You moved on me! I was looking all the place for your website. It’s good to finally have you. How have you been? (I used to be over at My Newz ‘n Ideas.) I’m over at Rosemary’s Thoughts now. Have been since ’07.

    I hope you are still doing well. Miss your posts, but you will be back up on my sidebar now. Thanks.

  3. Heck, I forgot more acrnms than I ever used. brb b Hw r u? *heh* /sarc IT’s r rad. I can’t do this. I don’t have a paragraph to write. haha. Wow. Ur right. They should spell it out. I hope you get the job! (If it’s the one you want.)

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