Robin Hood

First off I liked the movie.  Contrary to what some critics have said I didn’t find it too long (2 hrs 20 minutes).  It’s not as good as Gladiator but was a good movie.  The key parts I took away were the desire for liberty under the rule of law and not the rule of kings and the idea that to a man has the right to earn his own way free from tyrannical rule. (over regulation,  Deer for example all belong to the King and hunting them can bring a death sentence)

Some on the right have been overly critical in my opinion about the one question in the movie referencing the crusades.  It’s a small incident but used to point out Robins honesty even facing the King. 

Robin Hood is not the merry tale of a band of good guys but a tale of a group of good men surviving.  A tale of elites that see their authority coming to them from god and the injustices a nation not founded on laws with endure. 

I wonder, has Russell Crowe been in a bad movie?  Maybe not all were the best but I don’t recall a bad one.


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