Just some thoughts today.


Navy SEAL acquitted.  This is old news to those watching but pretty good news.  I have no idea what they were thinking pursuing this. 

Oil spill

It looks like they are lowering the massive structure to cover the oil leak off the LA coast.  This is actually pretty interesting.  First off I hope it works, the engineering feat this would be is pretty cool.  

Kids told they can’t wear US flags on their shirts during Cinco De Mayo

How silly is this?  At what point will Americans just say enough.  Look, Cinco De Mayo is fine to celebrate.  I mean really any excuse for a party is good with me.  But let’s remember where we are. 

This reminds me of an incident in my sons school, a student (grade school) wore a President Obama hat.  One mother apparently said something about and a teacher replied she just puts up with it or something to that effect.  The point is that President Obama IS our President and while I don’t support most of what he is doing a school should not be a place to hide your pride in your country.  In fact that’s where you encourage it.


One thought on “Just some thoughts today.

  1. The American Flag Incident does bother me. Just because it is a Mexican Holiday doesn’t mean that you should wear a Mexican Flag. Which by the way here in America is OK. But wearing the American Flag should be a symbol for all who enjoy the Freedom inside this Country. Mexicans are here in America because they Enjoy OUR Freedom. Therefore the American Flag should be first on there Priorities of showing Freedom on ANY Holiday.


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