Illegal immigration forces protest

Pro illegal immigration forces will be out today protesting the new Arizona law along with immigration reform (amnesty).  I wonder if they will be as peaceful as the Tea Party rallies.  Humm

Updates later today.

Ok didn’t update much.  Hey had a soccer game, cleaning the garage and playing guitar.  So far I haven’t read of any major problems with the protest although it doesn’t seem like the turnout was very high.  Anyway gotta play some more.  


5 thoughts on “Illegal immigration forces protest

  1. I guess compared to a tea party event, they were a little rowdy. Surprise, surprise……Have you looked at the approval ratings for the law? HUGELY in favor. I hope we don’t let the squeaky wheel get the grease..

  2. Unfortunately no fridge in the garage. However in my room in the baesment I do have a cabinet with a few refreshments.

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