So what do you think of Arizona’s new law.  If you haven’t actually read it take a look.  The law itself

I have heard this law refered to as “Draconian”.  Wow that’s pretty harsh.  It has stirred up some controversy though.   Mexico’s president Caldron says the new law will encourage hate, discriminations and hurt relations with mexico.  We certainly don’t want that. 

Is it wrong to ask people to have their ID’s with them?  I’ve carried mine everywhere I’ve went for nearly my entire life, even while doing Physical Training (off post).

Look our immigration system is broken and I for one would love to fix it.  I’d love for Mexico for example to have a strong work program with the US.  A program that allows hard-working people to provide labor in a market that needs labor.  However, I don’t like companies getting labor at a devalued cost.  I don’t like these companies making the rest of us pay for their employees healthcare or anything else.  So any reforms I would support will have jail time for company owner/CEOs that hire illegals. 

In addition, drug cartels, gangs and general thugs need to stay the hell out.  Luckily I’m not in charge since I would show the country what “draconian” really is.  I don’t think I’ll say anymore on that for now. 


Key points:

Arizona’s new immigration law

• Prohibits state, city or county officials from limiting or restricting “the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law” and allows an Arizona resident to sue an official or agency that adopts or implements a policy that does so. The bill contains a “loser pays” provision meant to deter frivolous lawsuits.

• Requires law enforcement to make a reasonable attempt “when practicable” to determine the immigration status of a person if reasonable suspicion exists that the person is in the U.S. illegally. Officers do not have to do so “if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation.”

• Makes it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant by creating a state charge of “willful failure to complete or carry an alien-registration document.”

• Makes it a crime for illegal immigrants to work or solicit work in Arizona.

• Makes it a crime to pick up a day laborer for work if the vehicle impedes traffic and also makes a day laborer subject to criminal charges if he or she is picked up and the vehicle involved impedes traffic.

• Makes it a crime to conceal, harbor or shield an illegal immigrant if the person knows or recklessly disregards the immigrant’s legal status. It does create a legal defense for someone providing emergency, public-safety or public-health services to illegal immigrants.

• Allows law-enforcement officials to arrest a person without a warrant if they have probable cause to believe the person has committed a public offense that makes him or her removable from the U.S.

• Requires employers to keep E-Verify records of employees’ eligibility.

• Reiterates Arizona’s intent to not comply with the Real ID Act of 2005, including the use of a radio-frequency ID chip.


2 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. I like the AZ law and hope that other states jump on board. I think it will serve well for both legal’s and Americans.

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