SEAL on Trial

UPDATE:  SEAL Cleared of dereliction of duty in not trying to stop the abuse of prisoner.


Today Navy Seal, Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas goes on trial for the alleged assault of Ahmed Hashim Abed.  Abed was arrested for the killing of four Blackwater security personnel in 2004 and burning their bodies then hanging them from a bridge.

It’s alleged a Navy Seal hit Abed.  Not beat mind you but hit, bloodying his lip. 

If Huertas is convicted of anything I wonder how this will reverberate throughout the Special Operations community. 

This incident should never have reached this level.  But in our continuing politically correct military the trial will go on. 

But heaven forbid we remove an openly hostile Muslim Army Major.  He kills other soldiers on American soil then the administration refuses to release the complete findings of that investigation to congress.  Hummm.

Funny how the world works.


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