Fixing Intel, there is hope

Major General Michael t. flynn, USA, Captain matt pottinger, USMC and Paul D. Bachelor, DIA have written a very good paper on fixing intel.  It’s worth the read.

Some key items in his report are:

* Select teams of analyst will be empowered to move between field elements, much like journalist, to visit collectors of information at the grassroots level

* Analyst will divide their work along geographic lines, and write comprehensive district assessments covering governance, development and stability.  The alternative – having all analyst study an entire province or region through the lens of a narrow, functional line (e.g. one analyst covers governance, another studies narcotics trafficking, a third looks at insurgent networks, etc) – isn’t working.

There is more and I recommend reading this paper if intelligence issues interest you. 

Hat tip to Brad Thor at Big Jounalism.  All of his articles are good.


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