Remembering Eagle Flight OPC

Blackfive has a good post on remembering Eagle flight.  On 14 April, 1994 two blackhawk helicopters took off from Turkey to fly into Northern Iraq and return.  They never made it back.  Shot down by two USAF F-15s, it was a horrible friendly fire incident.  F-15 pilots misidentified the US blackhawk helicopter for Russian HIND Ds.  I had been on the  Operation Provide Comfort II rotation a year prior to this in 1993 with 10th SFG(A). 


    US Military:
    SSG Paul Barclay (SF Commo NCO)
    SPC Cornelius A. Bass (Eagle-1 Door Gunner)
    SPC Jeffrey C. Colbert (Eagle-1 Crew Chief)
    SPC Mark A. Ellner (Eagle-2 Door Gunner)
    CW2 John W. Garrett, Jr. (Eagle-1 Pilot)
    CW2 Michael A. Hall (Eagle-2 Pilot Command)
    SFC Benjamin T. Hodge (Linguist)
    CPT Patrick M. McKenna (Eagle-1 Pilot Command)
    WO1 Erik S. Mounsey (Eagle-2 Pilot)
    COL Richard A. Mulhern (Incoming Co-Commander)
    1LT Laurie A. Piper (USAF, Intel Officer)
    SGT Michael S. Robinson (Eagle-2 Crew Chief)
    SSG Ricky L. Robinson (SF Medic)
    Ms. Barbara L. Schell (State Dept. Political Advisor)
    COL Jerald L. Thompson (Outgoing Co-Commander)British Military:
    MAJ Harry Shapland (Security/Intel Duty Officer)
    LTC Jonathan C. Swann (Senior UK Officer)French Military:
    LTC Guy Demetz (Senior French Officer)

    Turkish Army:
    COL Hikmet Alp (Co-Commander)
    LT Ceyhun Civas (Laison Officer)
    LT Barlas Gultepe (Liason Officer)

    Kurdish Partisans:
    Abdulsatur Arab
    Ghandi Hussein
    Bader Mikho
    Ahmad Mohammed
    Salid Said (Linguist)

Black Hawk



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