That didn’t take long.

Another Ql-Qaeda leader captured.  He was the Emir of Mosul.  His tenure was about 14 days.  The last Emir of Mosul was killed by Iraqi forces in March.   Lots of leadership opportunities in Al-Qaeda right now. 

Bill Roggio at Long War Journal has the details.


3 thoughts on “That didn’t take long.

  1. What I can tell you is the guys we worked with were getting really good with their intel and ops. Plus locals were getting real tired of getting blown up themselves.

  2. The intel we had in Nam was…If the Hooch Maids didn’t come in one day , you were to get ready for some In-Coming…It’s funny we never were attacked when any Vietnamese were on Base…We did catch a couple of them measuring distances around the Flight Line…..Figured they were not friendly’s.


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