Karsai’s time nearing an end?

Karsai slams the west (WSJ)

KABUL, Afghanistan—President Hamid Karzai lashed out at his Western backers for the second time in three days, accusing the U.S. of interfering in Afghan affairs and saying the Taliban insurgency would become a legitimate resistance movement if the meddling doesn’t stop.           

Mr. Karzai, whose government is propped up by billions of dollars in Western aid and nearly 100,000 American troops fighting a deadly war against the Taliban, made the comments during a private meeting with about 60 or 70 Afghan lawmakers Saturday…

Instead, the Afghan leader seems as mistrustful of the West as ever—and increasingly willing to tap the resentment many ordinary Afghans feel toward the U.S. and its allies. Many here view the coalition as enabling the Afghan government’s widespread corruption, and blame U.S.-led forces for killing too many civilians.

At the same time, Mr. Karzai is working to improve relations with American rivals, such as Iran and China. The result is further strain on an already-tense partnership. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul declined to comment on Saturday’s speech.

Have we been backing the wrong horse in this race?  Afghanistan was once won, but as with so many foreign policy issues America afraid to exert complete control over anything may have let this one slip to a point were we must clean our own allies house, again.  Then continue on to Taliban. 

This is not a jab at the Obama’s handling of Afghanistan but all the way back to the beginning when President Bush’s administration walked away leaving NATO and ISAF leading the effort.  We had issues with Karsai from the beginning. 

Watch, now every death will lead to an investigation of our troops there.  Investigations lead by karsai’s highly trained Afghans (sarc).


One thought on “Karsai’s time nearing an end?

  1. Karsai is as corrupt as the rest of the country….He wants us out because he is part of the problem and we know it. Russia was in a ten year war with these thugs as I remember and now they want to go to bed with them….That sounds Corrupt to me…


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