Hey it’s not my money….

So a RNC staffer tries to bill the RNC for nearly $2000 at a stripper club.  I’m seriously torn on how I feel here.  I mean damn those conservatives know how to party but probably shouldn’t charge it to the “Party”.  That’s not how you get more donations. 

I would bet if you looked at the expenses of both Party organizations you’d see a lot of BS.  That’s the nature of our politicians these days.  You the little people should pay for their pleasure it seems. 

When Sarah Palin (love her or hate her) can generate more interest by posting on her facebook page I wonder why it cost so much to run a political party.  Well no I don’t wonder and it irritates the hell out of me.  It’s called waste.  If a the political parties can’t spend money efficiently do  you think their politicians will? 

So as a registered Republican (yes I lean more libertarian) I don’t give a cent to the national party.  They all make more than I could even think of and sure as hell haven’t proved they deserved it in a long time.  

In the age of the internet how about all Party officials fly on their own damn dime, eat on their own dime and fight for the people they are supposed to represent.  Just saying.


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