What a world we live in

The world has turned upside down.  As we head towards a more government centric America nearly everything seems to be heading the wrong way. 

Iran – continues to work on nuclear weapons, continue to train our enemies (Taliban), continue to send IED material to neighboring countries to destabilize their governments and we decide to ease up on sanctions.  We don’t even talk tough to them anymore.  Meanwhile back at home:

Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu is treated like a third world dictator who shouldn’t even be visiting the White House.  President Obama apparently decided to insult the Israel to show some sort of solidarity with the Palestinians I guess.  Angry that Israel would dare to build on their own land this administration seems hell bent on destroying relations with allies and cozying up to tyrants. 

We have threats to politicians that I suspect 90% of are staged for effect.  Civility and statesmanship are done. 

North Korea has threatened Nuclear strikes while a South Korean ship is sinking. 

And Bin Laden threatens to kill Americans if we execute KSM.  Ummm.  Ok nothing new to this one.


2 thoughts on “What a world we live in

  1. BUT , We are Protected by the FINEST Military on Earth…So tonight I think I’ll go home and have a Beer and Not think about what is Happening around the World.


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