The healthcare bill and the next step

From now until the November elections the health care bill needs to be dissected.  Each item in the bill pointed out and explained.  Not just the overall desires of those who wrote the bill but what is actually in it, the good and the bad, the back room deals and the honest changes to our system.  What are the effects of every single item?  How many items for example have nothing to do with health care but are just a payoff to one or our representatives or a lobbyist organization.

There may be many good things in this bill.  I also suspect there are many “deals” that as citizens it would be very interesting to know.  My hope is that somewhere online each item in this bill will be outlined and discussed.  If it’s a good bill no problem, if not we will have plenty of time to find out before the first round of elections in November and then again in 2012. 

I’d do it myself but frankly I can’t understand have of what is written in this bill.  I would have to hire a dozen lawyers to break it down into English and find everything that it references.  I suppose that is a stimulus aspect to this. 

Make you representative accountable.  If they are not representing your views remove them, Republican or Democrat.  Honestly if about 70% of our representatives aren’t removed we probably aren’t doing enough. 


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