The pain continues… health care

I really wanted to write some great post this week but frankly I’ve just not had it in me.  The 24 hours news has nothing but health care and I’ve written about this before somewhat.  The fact is I expect the health care bill to pass.  Not because it’s good but because it’s all that this presidency has worked on.  Not that a lot of real work has been put into a good bill that is readable but work as in the perpetual campaign.  It seems the campaign will never end. 

I realized after watching Brett Bair’s interview with President Obama that even if what Obama had to say was worth hearing (it wasn’t) we have seen too much of him.  He is completely overexposed.  Now the public just ignores what it’s already heard a thousand times.  I don’t believe the President actually answered one question. 

I assume his arm twisting behind closed doors will work with the Democrats.  I know the just listening to Nancy Pelosi’s screeching voice would turn me just to get her to be quiet.  But we’ll have to wait and see what the mid-term elections will look like after this.  I think most of you who visit here regularly have a pretty good idea what I’d like to see.


7 thoughts on “The pain continues… health care

  1. Is that all you have? What’s your idea of a right wing american? Define please.. Of course it all depends on what you want for America I suppose.

  2. I think having any kind of Health Care plan is better than None. 2400 pages is not that much when you figure every line needs several lines of Explanation so as to keep the Lawyers back for two minutes. I like that the Republicans wanted to scratch the whole Document and start over. Lets see….The President said that even if he fully backed the Republicans Health Care Bill that even them (The Repubs) would still argue about it…….
    Next I would like to see Obama go after WALL STREET and the Speculation Curves on the Stock Market.

  3. I disagree 11th having “any” plan. There could be some huge issues if the plan doesn’t work. Like I posted before. Take small parts and fix them. It could easily be bipartisan and the country could understand the bills. Right now we are talking about a bill that hasn’t been posted and I’m not sure exist. We’ve seen all the payoffs in the last few bills. It’s about time to say enough. Repub or Dem.

    The government has gotten out of control. Bills are introduced only to fullfill campaign promises on both sides not to fix anything. Look at what they are saying about the reconcilliation, even Obama says it won’t fix everything yet it’s going to cost a fortune. It’s not about fixing the problem.

    This has become all about Obama at the risk of a congress. It that smart?

  4. He does have issues. I think that’s why we get along….. lol Although I have to wonder about the Nancy love…There are limits man……

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