What am I reading?

What am I reading?  I know your just dying to hear what I’ve been reading.  Well you know how reading is, it comes in spurts.  Sometimes I’m reading a lot and other times I just don’t have the time to sit and work my way through a book.

This is what’s going on right now.
HG wells – I have one of those books with multiple stories.  I just finished “The Island of Doctor Moreau”.  I love the style many of the old writers had.  As a kid I loved HG Wells and I still do.  This was a great re-read.   Basic story is of a man found adrift at sea and taken to an Island where he finds a Doctor trying to create humans out of animals through vivisection.    Written in 1896 it’s still quite good. 

I’m also reading at Gene Simmons (KISS) Sex Money KISS.  I don’t recommend discussing Gene’s thoughts with your wife or girlfriend.  They probably won’t like it.  Quote from book cover;

What will you say right before they put you six feet under?  Will you say:
“I wish I would have.’
“I wish I could have.’
“I wish I should have…’
Or will you say, “I did it all.  Thank you and good night.”

So far that pretty much sums up Gene’s Simmons philosophy. 
It’s actually a good read so far. 

On the night stand waiting to be read is Daniel Silva’s Moscow Rules. 
The death of a journalist leads Israeli spy Gabriel Allon to Russia, where he finds that, in terms of spycraft, even he has something to learn if he wants to prevent a former KGB colonel from delivering Russia’s most sophisticated weapons to al-Qaeda.


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