Liberal blindness

About a week ago I visited a blog site of young women whose ideas aren’t exactly the same as mine.  Her post an open letter to Tea Baggers / Tea Partiers was interesting although in my mind not well thought out.  I responded in the comment section.  I was polite and respectful.  I pointed out differences and finished with a mild rebuke of using the term tea bagger as simply not useful to the argument and took away from what could be at least arguable points. 

As is the standard for most liberal blogs the comment was never posted.  A discussion isn’t what liberals want.  To actually have to defend their position they’d have to explain it and that is very difficult without just throwing out talking points and fuzzy logic. 

I am certainly not always right but I do challenge my readers to prove me wrong.  If I am then fine I’ll change.  We may disagree but that’s doesn’t mean a discussion can’t take place.  Of course if you think Che Guevara was a great guy we probably don’t have much to discuss anyway.

No I won’t post the web site.  wouldn’t make a difference.


Concept of the week

Perception Management – 

Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all levels to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations.

Although perception management operations are typically carried out within the international arena between governments, and between governments and citizens, use of perception management techniques have become part of mainstream information management systems in many ways that do not concern military campaigns or government relations with citizenry. Businesses may even contract with other businesses to conduct perception management for them, or they may conduct it in-house with their public relations staff.

Just some more food for thought.

Hey it’s not my money….

So a RNC staffer tries to bill the RNC for nearly $2000 at a stripper club.  I’m seriously torn on how I feel here.  I mean damn those conservatives know how to party but probably shouldn’t charge it to the “Party”.  That’s not how you get more donations. 

I would bet if you looked at the expenses of both Party organizations you’d see a lot of BS.  That’s the nature of our politicians these days.  You the little people should pay for their pleasure it seems. 

When Sarah Palin (love her or hate her) can generate more interest by posting on her facebook page I wonder why it cost so much to run a political party.  Well no I don’t wonder and it irritates the hell out of me.  It’s called waste.  If a the political parties can’t spend money efficiently do  you think their politicians will? 

So as a registered Republican (yes I lean more libertarian) I don’t give a cent to the national party.  They all make more than I could even think of and sure as hell haven’t proved they deserved it in a long time.  

In the age of the internet how about all Party officials fly on their own damn dime, eat on their own dime and fight for the people they are supposed to represent.  Just saying.

Quotes to think about

This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.  Will Rogers

Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators. Will Rogers

I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. Will Rogers

Communism is like prohibition, it’s a good idea but it won’t work. Will Rogers

     “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.” Ernest Benn

     “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.”  Nepoleon Bonaparte


What a world we live in

The world has turned upside down.  As we head towards a more government centric America nearly everything seems to be heading the wrong way. 

Iran – continues to work on nuclear weapons, continue to train our enemies (Taliban), continue to send IED material to neighboring countries to destabilize their governments and we decide to ease up on sanctions.  We don’t even talk tough to them anymore.  Meanwhile back at home:

Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu is treated like a third world dictator who shouldn’t even be visiting the White House.  President Obama apparently decided to insult the Israel to show some sort of solidarity with the Palestinians I guess.  Angry that Israel would dare to build on their own land this administration seems hell bent on destroying relations with allies and cozying up to tyrants. 

We have threats to politicians that I suspect 90% of are staged for effect.  Civility and statesmanship are done. 

North Korea has threatened Nuclear strikes while a South Korean ship is sinking. 

And Bin Laden threatens to kill Americans if we execute KSM.  Ummm.  Ok nothing new to this one.

The healthcare bill and the next step

From now until the November elections the health care bill needs to be dissected.  Each item in the bill pointed out and explained.  Not just the overall desires of those who wrote the bill but what is actually in it, the good and the bad, the back room deals and the honest changes to our system.  What are the effects of every single item?  How many items for example have nothing to do with health care but are just a payoff to one or our representatives or a lobbyist organization.

There may be many good things in this bill.  I also suspect there are many “deals” that as citizens it would be very interesting to know.  My hope is that somewhere online each item in this bill will be outlined and discussed.  If it’s a good bill no problem, if not we will have plenty of time to find out before the first round of elections in November and then again in 2012. 

I’d do it myself but frankly I can’t understand have of what is written in this bill.  I would have to hire a dozen lawyers to break it down into English and find everything that it references.  I suppose that is a stimulus aspect to this. 

Make you representative accountable.  If they are not representing your views remove them, Republican or Democrat.  Honestly if about 70% of our representatives aren’t removed we probably aren’t doing enough. 

The pain continues… health care

I really wanted to write some great post this week but frankly I’ve just not had it in me.  The 24 hours news has nothing but health care and I’ve written about this before somewhat.  The fact is I expect the health care bill to pass.  Not because it’s good but because it’s all that this presidency has worked on.  Not that a lot of real work has been put into a good bill that is readable but work as in the perpetual campaign.  It seems the campaign will never end. 

I realized after watching Brett Bair’s interview with President Obama that even if what Obama had to say was worth hearing (it wasn’t) we have seen too much of him.  He is completely overexposed.  Now the public just ignores what it’s already heard a thousand times.  I don’t believe the President actually answered one question. 

I assume his arm twisting behind closed doors will work with the Democrats.  I know the just listening to Nancy Pelosi’s screeching voice would turn me just to get her to be quiet.  But we’ll have to wait and see what the mid-term elections will look like after this.  I think most of you who visit here regularly have a pretty good idea what I’d like to see.