Army sending out new cammo

Soldiers to get new cammo pattern for wear in Afghanistan

Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Gary A. Witte.

I like the new cammo pattern.  It’s a vast improvement over the ACUs however this part of the article bothers me.

The new uniforms are of the same material and cut that Soldiers are already wearing in the Army Combat Uniform or ACU. It is the camouflage printed on the fabric that will be different. The change allows commanders in Afghanistan to have more options in deciding how best to equip their Soldiers.

We have too much velcro on current uniforms and they wear out fast.  Get rid of most of the velcro and zipper and put buttons which can be fixed back on uniform then I’ll be happy.


7 thoughts on “Army sending out new cammo

  1. You won’t be happy for 8 months, and then it’ll will have to do with a lack of uniform not the velcro that will make you happy.

  2. Yep, like Chuck says about 8 more months. Then I have to find real work. Unfortunatley a military retirement won’t really pay the bills. Oh and then I can really say anything I want. I believe this web site will pick up then. 😉

  3. They making you Retire or you have just had enough?
    What kind of Job are you trained for in the Private Sector? We have an Ex Navy Seal working for us as the Head Of our Portion of Homeland Security. Maybe you could come across something like that…


  4. Hey I’ll have 24 years of this stuff. It’s fun and all but frankly if I don’t get out and start something else soon it will only be harder later on. while I may look fabulously young time does effect us all. I’ll send you a resume to look at.

  5. I guess the correct answer would be that I’m a Special Forces Officer trained to adapt and succeed in all environments. The more I’m paid the better I perform. I can do anything and do it damn well. lol Doesn’t really work as written on most resumes though.

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