MOSTARAK the Afghan offensive

Some of you may notice I don’t write a lot about ongoing military operations.  There are a couple of reasons.  One is that if your not there you really don’t know what’s going on.  Two is that your comments must then be based on news reports which from first hand knowledge can miss a whole lot of the story.  So with the "Moshtarak" offensive I can only wish our troops the best and follow along like the rest of you.   


4 thoughts on “MOSTARAK the Afghan offensive

  1. Hi JB 🙂 Mostarak is the largest ever ANA offensive. You might want to carefully observe how the ANA performs; including by unit.


  2. Hi Stretch, still hanging in there. I read the blog a couple of times a week just to see what you guys are up to.It gives me a good laugh every now and then:). Tell all hello.

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