Michelle has a project. Children, Obesity

First Lady Links Childhood Obesity to National Security in Launch of ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign

“A recent study put the health care cost of obesity-related diseases at $147 billion a year,” Mrs. Obama said. “This epidemic also impacts the nation’s security, as obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service.”

“Our kids did not do this to themselves,” Obama said. “Our kids don’t decide what’s served to them at school or whether there’s time for gym classes or recess. Our kids don’t choose to make food products with tons of sugar and sodium in super-sized portions, and then to have those products marketed to them everywhere they turn.”
“And no matter how much they beg for pizza, fries and candy, ultimately, they are not, and should not, be the ones calling the shots at dinnertime,” she said.

I’d love to jump on this but frankly I agree with much of this article. Childhood Obesity is simply not fair to children. It’s a hell of a way to start out. I’ve always fought my weight. Luckily I’ve been working out for over 20 years and while not a thin as I’d like to be I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight (gets tougher everyday though). I see so many young people struggling with weight due to many factors but all of it adds up to more problems later on.

Is it really a national security issue? Well ask a recruiter how tough it is to get new recruits who can meet the basics standards and can pass an APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). It’s amazing since the APFT isn’t very hard to just pass. The military has instituted programs just to get recruits physically able to attend Basic Training.

I have two issues with this news story however. Obesity isn’t a disease. You can’t catch it. I do believe some of us are more prone to higher body fat and lower metabolism.  That said, I don’t support the healthy food initiative. $400 million a year? Screw that. How about this we take a look at school menus. They are crap. Let’s mandate better food in schools and not deep fried, processed garbage with a Soda or chocolate milk. 

Other than that it’s tough.  Parents are the key yet many of them are in the same or worse shape as their kids. 

Check out thelunchbox. Org for ideas that might work.


9 thoughts on “Michelle has a project. Children, Obesity

  1. QUIT BUYING KIDS VIDEO GAMES! BUY THEM OUTDOOR SPORTS EQUIPMENT! I remember when getting bikes, balls and gloves was the highlight of Christmas and b’days.

  2. What Chuck said…….I spent a lot of time on a Bicycle , and Playing Baseball and Football…We went swimming and of course chasing the girls was pretty Exhausting…


  3. You might actually have to play with your kids a bit too. Funny the suggestions so far have cost very little. How many sport programs could you pay for with the money from one XBOX? Those things are expensive.

  4. My Grand Daughter is on a Softball League that runs 1600 Bucks for the season. This is her 4th year and she is doing Good. She plays Third Base………


  5. Damn 11th what could that’s pretty high. Do they play at the Coliseum? Good to hear she’s playing though. My son plays Soccer like most kids seem to these days. But also does Gymnastics. His gym coach was on the American Ninja show on spike. He made it to the second round.

  6. It’s California JB…Everything is Expensive…….
    Gymnastics is something I did when I was a kid….was a lot of fun…
    My Boys were into soccer and Baseball….They were both in Little league for years……There was No Soccer when I was Young….Course they Hadn’t invented it yet ….Probably….


  7. I think that was your Dad JB…I’m a bit younger than that Old Fart….
    I did play Spin the Bottle and The Doctor is in the House…=)


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