Super bowl Sunday

For a Super bowl this was a pretty good game.  The point spread was never very far apart.  Now I’m not a Colts or Saints fan but since global warming caused yet another round of snow here I really had little else to do.  So with a  bowl of chips, salsa and a beer I watched the game unfold.  I liked both quarterbacks (wish my Oakland Raiders could find someone like either of these guys). 

The Colts took the lead and seemed to hold the Saints defense in check the first quarter.  The second quarter the saints started their comeback.  I was glad to see the fourth down attempt near the end of the half.  Settling for three I figured the Saints weren’t too far behind.  Then surprisingly they made a third quarter onside kick and recovered the ball.  Talk about adding excitement to the game.   From there on out they seemed to have the edge. 

In the fourth quarter with time dwindling down and the colts on the march the win was pretty much sealed when Manning threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown.  This put them more than a touchdown behind and there just wasn’t enough time to make up the deficit. 

One of the things I noticed was the lack of penalties.  This was a pretty good game on that score also.  While there were a couple key yellow flags there weren’t that many.  Also Saints kicker Garrett Hartley just couldn’t miss making 3 field goals of 40+ yards each.  

And of course Drew Brees was on all night and tied the Super bowl completion record with 32.

The colts played well and frankly I figured they would tie the game in the fourth and it would go into overtime but luck wasn’t on their side. 

The only downside for me is that I think all Super bowls should be held in the snow.. just saying…

Best comercial for me: Doritos Kid:  Don’t touch my mama , don’t touch my doritos…


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