Big what? Saudi Arabia? LMAO


 Oh come on, this is just funny…

A high-ranking Pakistani diplomat reportedly cannot be appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia because in Arabic his name translates into a phrase more appropriate for a porn star, referring to the size of male genitals, Foreign Policy reported.

The Arabic transaltion of Akbar Zeb to “biggest d**k” has overwhelmed Saudi officials who have refused to allow his post there.

Zeb has run into this problem before when Pakistan tried to appoint him as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, where he was rejected for the same reason, according to Foreign Policy.


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4 Responses to “Big what? Saudi Arabia? LMAO”

  1. 11th ACR Says:

    Now that’s Funny , as Larry the Cable Guy would Say….


  2. Brad Says:

    I think the fellow from China had the same problem..”Hung Lo”

  3. Lora Says:

    Now that is something! I can see how the name may make the other male officials contemplate his size rather than the real important issues. Ill bet they are all wondering to this day! I am lol. Will their be a poll on this? 🙂 How big do you think ………….

  4. Lora Says:

    Nice break from other issues going on in this world.

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