Sarah Palin and Rahm Emanuel

Ok first off I like Sarah Palin, but just as I don’t agree with political correctness on the left I can’t agree with this either. 

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is calling on the White House to fire Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for using the word “retarded” in a strategy session last year.  

Look there are a lot of reasons I’d love to see Rahm go but this isn’t one.


9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Rahm Emanuel

  1. It is as stupid as saying that any speaking out against the Gov makes you a low level terrorist. Its your right to have an opinion and your right to speak out against any corporation or establishment who may be doing harm. Pallin is sore because she has a special needs child. She needs to grow up. If she cant handle a little commonly used descriptive then why is she in politics? definition = slow or limited intellectual or emotional development. Was that a sympathy grab?

  2. Ya lost a bit of respect Homie , SP is a Ditz……She does not need to be in Politics…..And John Mc Cain has lost a bit of respect along with her lately.
    Not a Republican thing , Just to clear that side up…Just what has been coming out of their Mouths…


  3. I will definitely Put that on My Agenda…Been thinking about it for a while. Would take some vacation and drive out. Let the wife see some country on the way……
    Now if you can get your Dad out there , He Owes me a Few Beers…..


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