Air Force Academy and Pagans.

Neo-Pagans Get Worship Circle at Air Force Academy

Humm I’m not sure what to think of this report.  Pegans don’t really bother me so I suppose it’s ok.  I’ll have to think on this one a while.  I guess my concern is catering to every special interest group.  Are there really that many Wiccans and Pagans running around in the Air Force?  Another interesting question.


2 thoughts on “Air Force Academy and Pagans.

  1. Well, it is the Air Force, don’t really want to think is running around in those million dollar dorms with A/C and cable TV, with their meals served on real plates and not metal trays…just sayin…

  2. I wonder if this symbolizes a sort of victory in bringing the air force in as a compliant agency for the agenda 21 protocol.

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