Obama, healthcare and the economy

No one can say that President Obama wasn’t aggressive in his first year in office.  But was he effective?  In what looks like a long string of broken promises and misguided priorities this administration has left us in worse shape than when they started one year later. 

Healthcare may not be passed due to a number of reasons.  One reason is that after the huge stimulus that has not created the jobs we needed Congress came up with a massive bill that no one can read let alone understand.  If the healthcare bill had been scaled down to less than a hundred pages and written in plain English it would have had much less opposition.  At this time the American people simply don’t trust Congress or any administration to do the right thing and a bill that is too large or confusing to understand is seen as bad. 

Had healthcare been done in smaller chunks with bi-partisan support we would have seen multiple bills that the public could read, understand and likely support or at least make positive suggestions.  Everyone see’s problems with the current system but what we all can’t see is how this gigantic bill helps.  It appears to raise the price of healthcare for us all and increase the national debt.  This might be acceptable if it was in the open and explained but that hasn’t happened.

So far transparency has been a bit opaque. 


4 thoughts on “Obama, healthcare and the economy

  1. I don’t know if you’ve reviewed your last few statements, 11th, but you are agreeing more than disagreeing with JB. You are in danger of losing your liberal California status.

  2. Thanks for bringing that to my Attention Chuck…….
    JB is Blood Kin , Maybe we are sharing some Faulty DNA….


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